The world is spinning off its axis, people are revolting and spiritual leaders are clueless. Heaven and hell aren’t what they used to be. Even communion wine can’t take the edge off the mess around us. So where do we turn in these desperate times? Ireland of course! MR. IRISH BASTARD are back to jump start your engine and cast your sins in the water of life.

“The World, The Flesh & The Devil” is further testament to MR. IRISH BASTARD’s reputation as one of the best folk-punk bands around. The 13 tracks read like 13 commandments, packed full of Irish wit, tall tales and the kind of wisdom that can only come from God’s Green Isle. If you prefer to stand at the bar rather than at the altar and your exploits have more to do with pints than academic achievement, then this is the band for you!

Even after 8 years on the road, playing over 500 shows in 16 countries – from Germany and Ukraine to China – MR. IRISH BASTARD are still fiends for tour life. Formed in 2006, the band consists of Mr. Irish Bastard (guitar, vocals), Lady Lily (tin whistle), Gran E. Smith (banjo), Boeuf Strongenuff (bass), Ivo K’Nivo (drums) and can look back on some unforgettable shows – especially supporting legendary folk punk heroes The Pogues, the Levellers and such like. And soon they will be joining Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys on stage at Reload Festival.

As in their previous full-lengths “The Bastard Brotherhood” and “A Fistful of Dirt” and 7-track “St. Mary’s School of Drinking”, MR. IRISH BASTARD mix up a potent concoction of bar-room sing-alongs and dark whiskey-soaked sorrow. Breaking the mould of traditional Irish folk-punk, “The World, The Flesh & The Devil” is a step up in terms of speed, grit and variety. MR. IRISH BASTARD express the melancholy of the Irish soul, while gleefully revealing the darker side of our innocent looking fronts.

The Celtic punk rockers have pared back their instrumentation here and there, leaving more room for their music to breathe while honing their distinct folk punk sound in the process. The result is further proof of the band’s unique take on the genre, which has seen it forge its path all over the world to such acclaim. “Drink Another Day” is MR. IRISH BASTARD’s call to prayer, an ode to perseverance and determination with a chorus that sticks in your head like a three-day hangover:

„With a raised glass and a raised fist – I’ll fight my way out of this – and we’ll live to drink another day!“

The sometimes gritty and sarcastic lyrics are laden with some uncomfortable truths. The band’s beer-sodden catharsis is fuelled by the injustice we feel by getting screwed over, as well as personal disappointment. In “Fuck You My Darling”, frontman Mr. Irish Bastard takes a swipe at the hypocrisy that surrounds us: If two people are unfaithful to one another, who exactly has been cheated on? Both? Neither? If lies take the place of truth, what is truth worth if everyone has their own? We may all be in the ground some day, but MR. IRISH BASTARD at least give us reason to believe in something – even if it’s only a fully licensed bar in the netherworld, as highlighted in “I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell”.

“The World, The Flesh & The Devil” was recorded with producer Jörg Umbreit. It’s set to be released on 8 May 2015 on CD, vinyl and as a digital download on Reedo Records, distributed through Rough Trade. Keep an eye out for the special limited deluxe edition featuring a CD, a bonus vinyl-look CD, a MR. IRISH BASTARD flag and engraved hip flask as well as two beermats and a membership card for the School of Drinking.